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Brand Management

Higher Education Begins Here

Despite enrolling half of Kentucky's undergraduate students, Kentucky's two-year colleges often are overshadowed by the state's research and regional universities.  As a result, the colleges sometimes had an undeserved reputation as "13th grade" or "just a technical college." 

The tagline was intentionally direct as the colleges built the story around it.


At Jefferson Community and Technical College, whose flagship campus was near the University of Louisville and occupied a number of mismatched buildings, the brand took advantage of bold promotions, such as 13-story tall building banner, and building wraps to define the campus.  Everything was complemented by powerful student success stories.

JCTC 2.png


Another important aspect was creating a mascot, in partnership with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Pathfinder told the story of starting your educational journey at one of the 16 KCTCS colleges.

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