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Crisis/Reputation Management

Case Studies

Anticipation and preparation support successful management of crisis situations. 

Continuity of Operations

The college chancellor was a finalist for another job, which would be announced by the other college in a news release. Before that happened, the Board, faculty and staff were notified and college issued its own statement to ensure all of continuity.


Rumor Management

This Louisville, Kentucky, college was first accused of trying to take a homeless shelter by eminent domain and then of closing a camp for disabled children. Effective responses ended the rumors.

Active Shooter Image 1.png

Active Shooter (False Alarm)

Kentucky's largest two-year college routinely practiced evacuation and shelter-in-place drills, which include practicing communications, so when the message was sent about an "Active Shooter," people responded quickly and without panic.  

Image by David von Diemar

Campus Violence

A student 4 months pregnant was stabbed in the campus parking lot in a domestic situation. She and the baby survived.  Follow up with the student and implementation of new safety protocols happened quickly. The student eventually return to class.

Image by Sincerely Media

Faculty and Staff layoffs

Budget cuts led to significant layoffs. Preparation and effective communication helped manage any rumors and protected the college's reputation.

Image by Markus Winkler

Reporter Bias

By using my background as a journalist, I was able to help a local newspaper editor see the bias in a writer's work. After multiple years of hostile reporting, the college was assigned a new reporter and the coverage became more balanced.

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